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Our Staff | Sound AnswersSound Answers is an Engineering Services Company specialized in Noise and Vibration with a mission to help companies optimize their engineering development process to achieve their product image goals related to noise and vibration.

Dr. Gabriella Cerrato and DJ Pickering, co-founders of Sound Answers, worked together in the late ‘90’s for the test software and consulting division of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC), later acquired by MTS Systems Corporation.

The Office of Sound AnswersIn the fall of 2005 when MTS discontinued their noise and vibration division, Cerrato and Pickering started Sound Answers Inc. In addition to them, Sound Answers staff has grown to 11 engineers with experience in all areas of product noise and vibration. Sound Answers offers unique consulting expertise in sound and vibration quality and target development, in cascading NV targets from system to component levels, in root-causing NV issues and in developing cost-effective processes to streamline the Noise and Vibration aspects of product development.

Sound Answers’ headquarters is at the state-of-the-art MSC Application Research Center (ARC) in Canton, Michigan. The ARC is a $17 million NVH test facility that includes:

  • 4WD NVH chassis dynamometer
  • Sound Transmission Loss (STL) suite
  • Sound quality and jury listening room
  • Hemi-anechoic chamber with bedplate
  • Training room for up to 40 students
  • Over $2M in Brüel & Kjær software and hardware including microphone arrays and a vehicle simulator lab

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